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Activ5 - Portable Fitness Device & App

Working-out is a word we all hear or even speak. Yes, it is simple and easy to talk about training and its benefits, but you get most of us really do not take care of our training plan or even take time out of your busy day to workout.

To be true training or working-out plan is not easy to maintain, but that is no longer the case thanks to the intelligent innovation that Activ5 now has, this unit is for all those people like you who want to tone up the body and lose excess weight without hours of hours of training or you refuse to eat some of your favorite foods.

This article gives you information about what Activ5 is, method of action, benefits, prices, customer feedback and where you can buy.

What is Activ5?

It is a small device that can fit in the palm of your hand and resembles a small stone. The Activ5 device its mobile application gives you the opportunity to get fast and effective workouts in your daily life. It is lightweight, portable and can withstand 90kgs (200lbs).

Method of action

Activ5 uses the principles of isometric workouts which is when muscles are pushed against a static object or tight against other muscles so that their joints are static.

Now let it take you through some of the incredible capacity of this portable device -

Five-minute workout plan

Five minutes? Yes 5 minutes of your time, come on with only five minutes requirement you cannot have any excuse that you do not have time to exercise your muscles. Just five minutes are more than enough for you to keep your muscles under control.

Tonify your body

When you do the workouts, you will be able to track your progress. You get a full body workout, standing or sitting. You can also choose to go to a specific area.

Increase muscle strength

When you add the product to your routine, it will increase your total strength by about 5% per week and 30% over a period of six weeks in one position.

Stay active every day

With this product, you will be able to get slimmer and healthier body that you had always desired to have. When you include this product to your everyday routine, you will really start to see the results of these workouts.

Where to buy Activ5

To avoid buying a counterfeit product, it is advisable to buy from a genuine dealer. You can buy this product at and you will be sure that the device you get is authentic and safe for you.

What's good about Activ5

Six-month battery life: - You do not have to worry about a large load and equipment to keep charging it regularly, with six month duration of a charge Activ5 will never die on you.

Portable and fits in your pocket - you can use it anywhere and workout routines to add to your day so that you experience optimum improvement in your body and your health.

It offers a complete body training: - This is important for the upper and lower body, as it is important in a high resistance exercise, blood pressure, helps to lose weight, improve endurance, improve mobility, build strength and muscle.

Price of Activ5

The product is priced according to different packages for example,

Activ5 fitness Package priced at $ 119.90 and has;

Coaching Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

5 mobile games (iOS and Android)

30 day money back guarantee

1 year warranty

mobile support

Fitness towel

Dietary guidelines

Activ5 luxury package price of $ 159.90 and has;

Coaching of mobile applications (iOS and Android)

5 mobile games (iOS and Android)

30 day money back guarantee

1 year warranty

mobile support

Fitness towel

Dietary guidelines

Comments on Activ5

Here are some comments from customers who have tried the product and loved it.


She reported an increase in success by 88%. In strength, lost 5 pounds of body fat and BMI recorded a drop from twenty-two to twenty.  


He noted the success of 14% increase in strength, lost 8 pounds of body fat and lost 2 inches in size.

Final reflections

This is a device that you must have, it integrates easily into your day to help tone and lose weight. With a five minute exercise you will not get bored exercising in a simple way that will get you fit and in good shape in just a week’s times, and in thirty days you would have toned up your muscles and have a sexy look to make you feel comfortable and proud.




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